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Amsterdam Greenhouse Restaurant Allows Diners to Eat Out while Social Distancing

May 11, 2020

A restaurant in Amsterdam, is serving patrons while they sit in their own personal isolation greenhouses. The restaurant is offering a four-course vegetarian menu for diners. While the trial service is currently only accessible to family and friends of staff, the restaurant’s website reads that all upcoming reservations have been sold out.

This type of ‘greenhouse’ dining experience is expected to become a trend as many places begin to relax curbs on social distancing.

The restaurant has made it mandatory for waiters to wear gloves and face shields to reduce any risk of infections. Long boards are being used to bring dishes to the diners in the greenhouses.

Meanwhile, in the United States, with more than half the states starting to reopen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released comprehensive guidelines for the reopening of restaurants including the use of disposable.

Umm Muhammed Umar


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