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Twelve ‘Terror’ Suspects ‘Found Dead in Cells’

Twelve people have been found dead in their cells in Burkina Faso. All had been detained on alleged ‘terror’ charges. 25 people had been detained overnight on Monday. The prosecutor for the town of Fada N'Gourma said, "……..unfortunately, 12 of them have died during...

Overly Stringent Nigerian Governor Orders Hotels Demolished for Breaching Lockdown Rules

Nigerian authorities in Rivers State have demolished two hotels over an alleged breach of the country’s coronavirus lockdown rules. State Governor Nyesom Wike, supervised the tearing down of Edemete Hotel and Prodest Home on Sunday. He claimed the operators had defied...

Botswana MP’s Under Supervision after Flouting Isolation

Botswana’s Director of Health Services Dr Malaki Tshipayagae, on Thursday placed all sixty-nine of the country’s lawmakers, including the country’s president and speaker, under compulsory quarantine. This followed a nurse on duty at Wednesday’s Parliament session...

Face of Nigeria’s Lockdown Campaign Arrested for Hosting Party

A Nigerian actress was arrested after violating lockdown regulations by hosting a birthday party for her husband, Abdul Rasheed Bello, at her home. Ironically, Funke Akindele Bello is the star of Nigeria's 'Stay Home' campaign, which encourages people to respect the...