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Madagascar ‘Covid-Organics’ questioned

Madagascar’s president, Rajoelina claims that the island nation has found a cure for Covid-19. He launched the tonic last month, claiming it had cured several people and so far urged his fellow African heads of state to embrace the herbal remedy. This is despite...

Are you part of the “Acceptable Theft”?

In recent weeks since the lockdown, there has been much talk from different quarters regarding several issues ranging from conspiracy theories to corruption. At first, my natural curiosity drove me to follow some conversation threads which sometimes gave an...

Ml Sulaiman Moola Encourages Muslim Women to Don Niqab Instead of Masks During COVID-19 to Earn Double Reward

As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing the face mask has become compulsory in many countries including South Africa to stop the spread of the virus. Men, women and even children don the new apparel to stay protected against infection from Coronavirus....

Rise in the illicit trade of cigarettes during lockdown ban

By Mumtaz Moosa Saley As we enter 50 days since the start of lockdown many cigarettes smokers have become innovative in finding their nicotine fix. Most store owners will tell you how they're asked "make a plan, while some foreign store owners have put up posters...

Mujahideen Victory Day

Mujahideen Victory Day is a public holiday in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on April 28th each year and takes place over 3 days. This holiday marks the anniversary of the victory over Soviet Russian troops and the birth of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In...

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