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Ramaphosa Quips About Being Arrested for Breaking Rules

May 18, 2020

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been caught on video joking about breaking social distancing rules while posing for a photo with two women he met while out jogging this morning.

The widely shared clip appears to show the women approaching the president and requesting a photo. Ramaphosa responds by quipping, “Before we get arrested.” The trio can then be heard laughing. Mr Ramaphosa, who can be seen wearing gloves and a mask, then jokes, “I’d rather be arrested with you.”

The women then pose for a photo, standing on either side of the president, disregarding social distancing rules, which call for, according to a government website, keeping a distance of at least two metres from others.

While some, on social media, have praised the president for having agreed to take a photo, others have criticised him for disregarding the coronavirus guidelines.

Real Dumelang tweeted: Cyril Ramaphosa is breaking lockdown rules by first *taking selfie * walking without security * no social distancing.

Another tweet, by Sure Kamhunga, reads: Ramaphosa spotted jogging? Good. I like a leader who is not snobbish and moves with a battalion for protection. He must even walk into the local supermarket to buy groceries for the house. Strip away presidency he is still human after all.

Umm Muhammed Umar

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