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Reopening of Schools to be Decided After Monday

May 14, 2020

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is expected to convene a special meeting of the Council of Education Ministers (CEM) to consider progress made towards the reopening of schools across the country.

In a statement, Motshekga says the purpose of the meeting is to consider the work done by provinces including taking deliveries of the COVID-19 Essentials to help stop the spread of the pandemic.

Motshekga says provinces indicated that they need more time while they wait for deliveries of personal protection equipment (PPE) from the supplier.

“We agreed in our meeting on Monday that one week is needed to finalise outstanding. So on Monday (18 May) we will reconvene to consider progress made and then report to the public on the state of readiness. A lot of work has happened and we are happy with the progress reported in the last meeting but we need confirmation of deliveries that provinces were waiting for.”

Motshekga says the delays in the deliverables were attributed to challenges with the supplier of PPEs, which resulted in the cancellation of contracts.

“In the meeting on Monday we will receive a full report which we can then share with the public. We will also use the meeting to table President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address which is also important for our planning purposes.”

Basic Education Department Director-General of Mathanzima Mweli says the implementation of the sector risk-based differentiated approach in reopening schools would be assisted by the President’s address.

Motshekga is expected to address the media on Monday after the meeting of the Council of Education Ministers.

Faizel Patel 

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