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Roast Chicken Marinade

May 14, 2020

Red garlic masala
Fine dhana
Fine n whole jeeru
Red chillies
Crushed fried onions
Fine badaam
Whole black pepper
Tomatoe sauce
Grated tomatoes
Lemon juice
Little oil

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Green chutney sauce recipe

Green chutney sauce recipe

1 bunch green dhania coriander leaves (take some stems as well) 4/5 green chillies garlic 1 green pepper 2 green apples without skin small onion jeeru/cumin little vinegar salt to taste liquidize all above in 2 batches. add 2to3...

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Kajoor chutney Recipe

3/4 cup dates (chopped) 3/4 cup meebos (chopped) 1 cup white vinegar Soak overnight in a container which should be covered The next day, liquidize the above with 2 handfuls of whole red chillies (must be thoroughly washed in hot water) 1 tsp garlic 1 tsp salt Once...

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Fresh Green Chutney Recipe (19.09.19)

COURTESY @ZAHEERA_ B2 bunches dhania (Cut off the ends)Washed in cold water n drain2 tbsp. fresh crushed garlicHalf cup lemon juice7 to 8 whole green chillies 2 tbsp. fine jeeroo3 tsp saltQuarter cup vinegar 2 tbsp. olive oilAdd everything into a blender n Wizz adding...

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