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Uganda’s 75 Year Old President Makes Exercise Video

Apr 09, 2020

To encourage citizens to exercise at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is leading by example. He has released a video of himself working out in his office. Uganda has imposed a lockdown due to the global health crisis.

Museveni had yesterday asked citizens not to exercise outside, after videos and photos of people working out in groups around the capital, Kampala were posted on social media. Museveni promised to post videos showing indoor exercises.

The President started his day today with indoor exercising. In the video, the barefooted statesman warms up by jogging around the room. He then does 21 push-ups in one go, and a total of 30 by the end of the session.

The 75-year old Museveni walked 200 km through the Luweero triangle in January. He announced last year that he had lost 30kg as a result of beginning to focus on his health and fitness.

Uganda has 53 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Umm Mohammed Umar


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